Flesh World (SF, Iron Lung Records. mem Limp Wrist/ Brilliant Colors)

Pellars (last show!)

Post Pink

Romantic States


at Joe2

8pm/ YE$

From Noisey::
In the fall of 2012, seminal queercore guitarist Scott Moore and Jess Scott of the Bay Area noise pop band Brilliant Colors formed Flesh World and started making dark, noisy punk together. Flesh World might not scream about gay identity like Limp Wrist, but, between songs like “Poolside Boys” and the beautiful men they choose for their album art, you'd have to be pretty dense not to get where they're coming from. Jess does the vocals, plays guitar, and shares songwriting duties with Scott, who plays guitar in this band as well. Both members are repositories of an art college library's worth of queer film, art, music, and literary references and these lace Flesh World’s music in a tangle of tributes. Mysterious gay hardcore, anyone?

The San Francisco-based pair’s arrestingly beautiful debut full-length, The Wild Animals in My Life, mimics San Francisco's cold mists and bitter drizzle (as well as its sunny patches) with chilly synths and dirty guitars. Flesh World's releases are marked by a certain urgent freshness, which might be because their recording sessions have been crammed in around Jess's restless bi-coastal peregrinations. The first 12-inch record came out while Jess was in New York, shortly before she decamped to Los Angeles. Ultimately, something about the sound she and Scott create, with Brilliant Colors drummer Diane Anastasio and bassist Andrew Luttrell, drew her back to rarely-sunny San Francisco and the Bay Area native returned home to finish recording the LP. At the moment, they’re all still hanging in there despite rising rents.