Izzy True (Don Giovanni Recs)
& Wipeout

*~* live at EMP *~*

All Ages/ $8
Doors at 9pm/ Show at 9:30

From Stereogum: You in your power, be my beautiful alien savior/ Let loose that beam, give me total body erasure,” Isabel Reidy pleads on the lead single off their band Izzy True’s upcoming debut full-length. Izzy True released their first EP, Troll, last summer via Don Giovanni Records, and is following that up this year with Nope, an album that draws from Reidy’s experience of dropping out of school due to mental illness and turning to music to help them get through it. “Total Body Erasure” deals with the how the self can often feel like a trap. It expresses a desire to disassociate, and begs an alien higher power to do the work for them. “I’m not shy, not tonight,” Reidy injects some country twang into their voice. “End it now, do it right.” Izzy True channels all of that defeatism into rootsy and accessible throwback rock ‘n roll that lifts you up instead of bringing you down, and they do so with an alluring style and flair.


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