Peach Kelli Pop 


No Hair

Insatiable High

PEACH KELLI POP is a band from Los Angeles, CA by way of Ottawa, Canada and was founded by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Allie Hanlon. The band is known for playing Ramones-structured rock songs: Fast tempos, 4/4 drums, layered with loud guitars, and laden with immediate, infectious vocal melodies. Hanlon’s songwriting is unique in that it encompasses great emotional profundity and the use of the abstract and imagination. Since Hanlon created Peach Kelli Pop in 2010, she has released 3 albums, a handful of 7’’s and tapes, and toured extensively (including annual trips to Japan). In that time, she also emigrated to Los Angeles where she met her bandmates: sisters Gina and Sophie Negrini (bass & guitar, respectively) and drummer Shelly Schimek. After a lengthy hibernation, Peach Kelli Pop is returning with WHICH WITCH, a 6-song EP (to be released April 21), and GENTLE LEADER, a full-length studio album (to be released May 25), both on Canada’s Mint Records. Which Witch is akin to Red Cross’ Posh Boy EP: both have 6 songs, each close to a minute long. All 4 members of Peach Kelli Pop are outspoken Redd Kross fans; which comes as no surprise: the band is named after a Redd Kross song. Hanlon recorded & mixed the EP over Christmas in her childhood home. Originally a drummer (most notably with the White Wires), she plays unadorned, archetypal punk drums, layers them with fuzzy, at times warbling guitars, elaborate basslines, and layers of fervent vocals. Gentle Leader is Hanlon’s most refined work to date. Long-time fans will be content in that, stylistically, it is somewhat a continuation of past material. However unlike Hanlon’s past bedroom recordings, the production is significantly more polished. Gentle Leader is also a more collaborative effort than any previous release. In the studio, Hanlon invited the band as well as friends Andrew Bassett (Hound of Love, Mean Jeans) and Roland Cosio to perform on the album. The LP features 10 tracks, including a Violent-Femmes style cover of 80s UK band the Marine Girls, and a noisy post-punk song written by bassist Gina Negrini. The band is set to tour Japan in the spring, do a full US/Canada tour in early summer and travel to Europe later in the year. 

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