Sheer Mag (Philly hard rock punx)

Cold Feet (Baltimore hardcore)

Lover's Touch (Goth punx)


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From P4k:: 
"Harboring arena-sized dreams in their DIY-hardcore hearts, Philadelphia’s Sheer Mag have been on a mission to transform junk-food rock into something nourishing and nutritious. And they do this by reminding us of a fact we tend to forget when we see our ’70s heroes clinking champagne glasses at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame galas or embarking on cruise-ship tours: that this was once the music of clock-punchers and outcasts, and of lonely, bullied kids who, by blasting “God of Thunder” in their poster-plastered bedrooms, could imagine what it would feel like to fight back.

That Sheer Mag render their hi-fi fantasies in compact, boomboxed dimensions is not so much an act of punk-schooled subversion or even necessarily a reflection of their modest recording budgets. As guitarist Kyle Seely once explained to Rolling Stone, “We just like that range of fidelity.” Sheer Mag understand that, even though the music they love is often referred to as arena rock, it was more often first experienced through cheap transistor radios, chewed-up 8-tracks, and beaten-up vinyl spinning on Radio Shack Realistic record players.